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About NeighborhoodIT

Putting computer and network services back in the hands of the professionals.


About Us

We offer enterprise-class services to small businesses in order to level the competitive playing field. All products are purchased by the client at zero mark-up, wholesale prices. We only ever charge for our services. This solution-agnostic approach frees us up to recommend low-cost cloud and open-source solutions, often passed over by more traditional I.T. firms due to their inability to add a tremendous mark-up. All of our techs have experience in large enterprise environments, bringing a level of precision and efficiency previously unavailable in the small business space.

NeighborhoodIT seeks to help small businesses better compete against their large counterparts. Our love of working with passionate entrepreneurs and service-oriented attitude led us to a desire to help our local small businesses get the capabilities of their more well-funded rivals at a fraction of the cost.

Our Team

Owner - Josh Downing
My passion has always been helping others, in one arena or another. After relocating to Boulder in January of '09, I took the opportunity to start this small business consulting firm. Boulder's strong support for local businesses was very encouraging and helped start us in the right direction. Helping our small businesses compete with the big boys was very exciting; I always root for the underdog.

I have always had a strong distaste for product mark-ups (if I didn't make it, why should I charge for it?), a very common practice in the industry. I believe that good service sells itself, eliminating the need to hide pricing in product mark-ups. Once this philosophy was in place, it freed us up to offer free, low-cost, and cloud-based solutions avoided by the currently-entrenched I.T. firms. Since they rely on mark-ups, they can't offer these solutions. Now our clients can use the savings to promote their business rather than sinking it into daily operating costs.

What our customers are saying:

Honestly I couldn't have asked for better service, and at what I thought was a reasonable price - which was probably less than half of what it would have been with the Geek Squad.

I have had several other services and "squads" help me over the years, in the end I always felt completely confused about what my problem was, what was done to correct it and if the new purchases were the right ones for my use. Neighborhood IT is the BEST service I have ever used. They serviced my computers in a time frame convenient for me, helped me make a computer purchase that was correct for me (not what they were selling in a store) and they never spoke over my head. No need to look an yfurther for your IT needs!
Terri Mangini

NIT home service is superlative. They came at my convenience, talked in plain language, simplified our network environment all in one visit. Highly Recommend this service.
Tom in Superior

The Geek Squad had asked for $500 to START getting my stuff from my crashed hard drive and said it would take a few weeks because they had to send it to a lab. I called NeighborhoodIT and someone (Josh I think?) came out that night, hooked it up to his laptop, ran some program, and got my stuff back for about $150! We also had him come out to transfer all of our stuff to the new hard drive sent by Dell; couldn't have been a nicer guy. Well done sir!
John in Boulder

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